Tubby Todd

You know you’re a mom when you’re excited to share a review for your favorite line of baby skincare products. Also a solid sign you’re a mom - you’ve already had to warm up your coffee 4 times and it’s only 8am. #monday

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Tubby Todd

So let me start by saying, this is not a sponsored post in any way. Tubby Todd is one of those companies I found when I was a new mom and I instantly fell in love with everything they offered. They probably don’t even know who I am other than another order for shalynnyenges@gmail.com. I’m really just a mom that genuinely loves their products and everything about the platform they build their business on; and when I find a company that I love, that also impacts my littles, I feel compelled to share because I know it can help another momma who might be in the same shoes I was 3.5 years ago!

I discovered early on that Finn had incredibly sensitive skin, so he was probably around 4 weeks old when I tried some natural products from a big box brand which actually ended up making his skin even worse. Come to find out, natural doesn’t always mean NATURAL, and the terms for which a company can claim “natural” are so incredibly laxed its ridiculous. That’s when I really started my search for a truly natural and organic company, and learned so much about the different chemicals that are FDA approved to be put into the products that we put on our skin (OUR BODYS LARGEST ORGAN!), and you guys it’s insane.

Long story short, we found Tubby Todd, and we never went back!


Why do we love it?

  • Natural + Organic Ingredients

  • Gluten Free

  • SOY + Dairy Free

  • Certified Animal Cruelty Free

  • uses plant based fragrances

  • made in the USA

  • Free of toxins, Parabens, and BPA

…just to list a few. Not to mention it leaves the boys skin buttery soft and every single collection smells better than the last, but what we love the most - Finn hasn’t had a single reaction since we made the switch. Because we saw such improved results it only made sense to use it for Hudson too.

The bundles are perfection. Every season a new collection is offered in a 3 set bundle where you can get your basic bath necessities - shampoo+body wash, bubble bath, and everyday lotion in their latest yummy scents. These are great for gifts and something I love to put in the kiddos stockings for Christmas, but my go to bundle is the Extra Tubby Bundle, and it’s just that: E X T R A. You get the nice big bottles with super convenient pumps and they last quite literally forever. Also, since Finn has longer hair we like to use their natural hair conditioner! PS. I’ve totally used it on my own hair and it did not disappoint. It’s so light and smells like a yummy lemon freeze pop!

Now let’s talk about my end all be all very very favorite product.

All Over Ointment

The first Tubby Todd product I tried on Finn, before we ordered any of the others, to help with his irritated skin. I had read some reviews about the magical cream that was healing everything from simple diaper rashes to severe eczema, and I’m telling you right now - it’s every bit as magical as I read. I applied it that evening after his bath and I noticed a difference the very next morning, and within just a few days his skin was almost completely cleared up. I ordered our first of many bundles that day.

Tubby Todd

Over the last few years we’ve tried almost all of their products. From their lip balm (never leave the house without it) to their Newborn Gift Set, and I’m more impressed with each new product we try! One product I haven’t tried, but most definitely will, is their Mama Belly Oil! I’ve read such good reviews and I love a good belly oil to help with dry itchy baby bump skin through pregnancy!

In short, we love Tubby Todd and how much they have helped our littles, so I felt it was important to share it with you in case you’re also looking for the product that will help ease your little ones rash, or even if you're just looking for a more natural option for your baby! If you do decide to order —> use THIS LINK to save 10% on your first purchase, and if you decide to become a long time Tubby Todd lover like us, check out their Tub Club and monthly subscriptions because it’s the bees knees for a forgetful momma like myself! ;)

Wishing you lots of bubbly baths and pruny baby feet!

Tubby Todd