Breastfeeding is something near and dear to my heart, as most know, and as I discussed a little bit about in my breastfeeding gift basket post. So, today I'm going to get more in depth on my breastfeeding journies and how introducing the bottle to my breastfed babies worked out. 


For those that don’t know, I exclusively nursed Finn for a year and continued to breastfeed him through my pregnancy with Hudson and tandem breastfed until he was two. Now I’m only nursing Hudson, but I think I might give Finn a cup of breastmilk until he's like 10... it's acceptable to pack it in his lunch right? lol...... No, but honestly, the benefits of breastfeeding are just endless. The antibodies found in your perfectly tailored breastmilk help to fight off viruses and bacteria, giving your baby a stronger immune system and lowering their risk to develop allergies, infections, asthma, sudden infant death syndrome and more. I could sit here and go on and on telling all about the many benefits of breastmilk, but I'll just link a great source of info HERE, so you can read up on why breastfeeding is great for baby and mom when you have some time. ;)

Now let's chat about bottles and nursing - when to introduce a bottle is probably one of the first questions I see moms ask thst are nursing and want to start offering the bottle. Typically so dad can help feed or because mom is heading back to work, there are a lot of different reasons, and also challenges. This means pumping on top of nursing, so you have to find a good schedule that doesn't effect your supply. You can also face nipple confusion or bottle refusal all together: cue baby Finn...

We tried bottle after bottle with Finn. He refused every. single. one. 

As a mom who exclusively nursed her first baby, it was very (VERY) demanding. You are the one and only person who can feed your baby. Middle of the night feedings, all you. Baby gets hungry while you're in the shower, only one leg's getting shaved tonight. Cracked or sore nipples because your teething 5 month old won't stop biting you, tough it out.


With Hudson, I crossed my fingers, and said a silent prayer, that he would take to at least one of the hundreds of bottles to choose from. So if an occasion arose that we wanted to give him a bottle, we could. Like when I'm in line checking out at Target, and John's in the car the with a hungry, screaming, just woke up from a nap, I want milk, baby.

Right around the time that we were ready to introduce a bottle to Hudson, nanobebe fell right into my lap. I came across nanobebe on Instagram and they were brand new, just getting shelved in Buy Buy Baby and BabiesRUs. After reading a few reviews on social media, I went straight to their website and started reading up, and guess what??

Their innovative bottles are made exclusively for breastfed babies.

"Our uniquely designed bottles improve the entire process of feeding breastmilk from a bottle. From pumping through storing and warming, the nanobébé bottle protects your breast milk and gives baby an experience second only to breastfeeding itself. For the nanobébé team, babies’ health is paramount and it is our goal is to help mom, dad and caregivers adhere to the highest standards of health by keeping babies on breastmilk for as long as possible." - nanobebe


Ironically, their bottles resemble a boob. 

A few things I noticed right away...

  • The nipple itself is a wide based nipple and fairly flexible.

  • The bottle is a dome shape and stackable, it’s really nice to save space!

  • Everything comes apart. Literally everything - even the bottom pops off. Making it incredibly easy to clean.

  • The bottom of the bottle is grippy, which I LOVE! It makes it so easy for tiny hands to grasp and encourages self feeding!

Hudson took to the bottle the very first try, unfortunately not from me. He willingly takes it from dad, but does a lot of fussing and chewing when I try. That’s pretty typical for nursing babies though. We really wanted bottles for the purpose of John feeding him anyway. ;)


Some things I learned after using...

  • The bottle warms incredibly fast. With their unique dome design it makes the milk more evenly spread out, in a thin layer, hence warming in a shorter amount of time.

  • Using their warmer also prevents overheating your milk, in turn helps decrease the risk of destroying key nutrients << super important!

  • THEY HAVE BREAST PUMP ADAPTERS!!! Yep, they do. I personally always pump into a bottle first, then pour my milk into a bag (they have these too!). I find that all bags can be misleading with their ounces - just because the milk doesn't always fill the bag out exactly how it should to get an accurate measurement. Plus if I want to pump a fresh bottle for a quick outing, I don't have to dirty two bottles, so it was really nice to be able to pump straight into the nanobebe.


What I love...

  • I love that the bottle is made to preserve the nutrients in breastmilk. I think any breastfeeding mom, nursing or pumping, would agree and say that we work damn hard for our milk supply, whether it's an over supply or an under supply, we all face trials and obstcales. Every ounce and itty bitty amount of nutrients matters!

  • I love that the nanobebe is easy for little hands to grasp onto.

  • I love that it's easy to clean!

  • I love love love that I can pump straight into the bottle.

So there isn’t much that I don’t love, but one thing that took me a few tries to get, was making sure that I screwed the nipple on straight and tightly. It would seem like it was on secure, but then I would get a slight leak. Once I took it off and redid it, it was good to go! So I always double check. Could be user error though lol...


nanoebe was kind enough to send me their starter kit and it came with everything you need - from pumping to warming to feeding! They also have a newborn complete set and it comes with everything in their product line! It would be a great gift for a mom you know who plans to breastfeed!


I highly recommend the nanobebe to breastfeeding moms just based on our experience and because there are so many beneficial perks that makes nanobebe ideal for a breastfeeding baby, but ultimately only the true test will tell... snag yourself a bottle and see how your little likes it!

Let me know if you’ve tried the nanobebe, and how you like it, below!

XO, Shay

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If you’re a breastfeeding momma, or expecting and wanting to learn more about breastfeeding, I highly recommend joining the Facebook group:

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Happy Feeding Mommas ❤️