20 Valentine's Day GIFTS FOR UNDER $20

What should I buy my significant other?

A question most of us are probably asking ourselves right about now as the day of love quickly approaches. For us Valentine's day is probably one the cheaper gift giving holidays at our house. It's more about being cute, funny, and corky with our gifts, rather than extravagant. Plus once you have kids... extravagant kinda goes out the window. Am I right?

Because I know we're not the only ones shopping for budget friendly and fun v-day gifts - I went to Amazon and gathered up a list of 20 gifts for under $20, that I would totally add to my cart for myself and my hubby, to share with you!


Check em' out below!

*This list contains Amazon affiliate links*

For the lady in your life ;) 

...and for the fella!

A gift she will love AND use!

For those grill masters...

I may or may not have bought this next one for myself...  

I don't know what it is about a bullet and whisky, but it speaks to my western wanna be heart.

I'll take a glass of Rosé and chocolate bath bomb any day of the week. 

For the bearded man, or lady ;), in your life.

The gift that keeps on giving. Pop, after pop, after pop...

A little somethin' something' for your golfer guy!

For the wine drinking, Target shopping woman in your life - basically all of us.

Why yes, if you mustache, I do plan on buying this one for my very own mustached man ;)

For your coloring Valentine!!

You can totally make these coupons yourself (I actually did once), but if you're like me and all about saving time nowadays....

psssst. they have them for all significant others ;)

She'll love you for these socks, and she'll love you even more if you include the wine. ;)


When all else fails... CANDLE

Anyone else have a guy that's obsessed with combing his beard/mustache?? No, just me?

For your Wino.

A beer chiller... probably the coolest thing I've ever found under $10 on Amazon. 

Do you like to make DIY gifts? Give little gifts? Big gifts? What do you want to give or get this year? I'd love to hear other ideas! Comment below ;)


*This post contains affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure here*