About me


HI! So my full name is Shalynn (shay-lynn), but those close to me tend to call me Shay, so you should too! ;)
I'm a liver and lover of life; a recurrent miscarriage survivor, momma to two little boys, a wife, and a semi crunchy wannabe hippy.
I'm pretty fluent in sarcasm and coffee talk...
...a fur mom, crafter, fort maker, professional laugher, eater, and make-believer.

I find joy in capturing our day to day moments; my matching littles, our dog, my husband, yummy dishes I attempt to cook, my morning brew, crafts, clothes, shoes, and typically the random things that make my heart go PITTA PATTUH.

I used to be a girl dancing around a little village in no where Ohio, who has now been to one side of the country and back again with my loving, funny, kind hearted, and ridiculously handsome husband, John. JayWhy, Johnny. Babe. The Real Slim Shady.

I chase the happy and live for the little things.

Ya know, like peace and quiet in the car while my kiddos are napping, driving with the windows down, starbs in my cup holder, and t-swift on the radio.
I’m on a first name basis with many of our local Target employees, and I could spend a decade shopping the kitchen section at HomeGoods.
I drink too much coffee and eat way too many veggie straws to make them even close to a healthier choice.
I could live on chips and salsa alone [not kidding].
I have mad love for all things striped, black and white, and that clorox-y fresh smell.
I'm also a sucker for "spend $13 more for free shipping", kids pajamas, and a good PB&J.

I hope through the stories I share you’ll be able to get to know me a little better!

Thanks for being here!